Star quality clinching
ASTRACLINCH is a company operating world-wide and devoted exclusively to tools and equipment for clinching and related technologies for fastener-less assembly, based on 30 years of experience from this area.

ASTRACLINCH will continue developing, manufacturing, marketing and selling the product lines previously handled by its predecessors, most recently in Renens/Lausanne, Switzerland. Additionally, new tools and improved equipment will  be offered. As long-term commitment to customer satisfaction is a cornerstone in ASTRACLINCH's activities, uninterrupted supply of original spare and wear parts for units previously sold will be guaranteed.

This means that whenever you need a Red Challenger, an Alligator, a Compact, a Viper, a Power, a Mega or a Kombi and spare and wear parts to these machines, ASTRACLINCH and its authorized partners will be there to assist you for the years to come. 

This is also true for TAGGER and spare and wear parts for TAGGER in North America, meaning United States, Canada and Mexico, where ASTRACLINCH and its authorized partners are sole and exclusive suppliers.

Our roots
Our roots go back to the 1970's, when Atlas Copco Berema started commercialization of the revolutionary TAGGER, an ultra-light stitchfolding tool. 
Our history
Some milestones

  • 1988 joint creation of the first company in the Lausanne area, Switzerland as a management buy-out of one activity from Atlas Copco AB
  • 1989 joint acquistion of the TAGGER business from Atlas Copco Berema
  • 1996 creation of a North American company
  • 2006 transfer of our Swiss operations to new premises in Renens/Lausanne
  • 2010 consolidation of the partnership with Norlok Technology, Inc. in Brantford, ON, Canada
  • 2013 new corporate identity under the company name ASTRACLINCH SA